Step One: Buy a Van

The Van Tour and some sort of experiment.

So, Al and I are off on a 3+ month road trip around Europe  and thought that we would experiment with a ‘travel blog’ of sorts.

As long as there’s free wifi, along our way,  I can make updates, upload photos and generally keep this updated with what we’re doing. If not, then this will epically fail and we will resort to Facebook.

I thought this would be a different way to keep in touch than Facebook, and as such is an ‘experiment’. We’ll have to see how it goes.

To start with, my first blog – We have bought our van…. Yet to be published on facebook, check out a picture of our Van before the vandalism that we intend to create on its lovely white canvas.  This is the sexy Automobile that will be responsible for getting us through the 23 European countries we intend to visit this summer. Our journey will begin in Inverness, Scotland following a debaucherous weekend at Rockness festival, from here (depending on our recovery) we will make our way down through the Scottish Highlands and English countryside to the lovely white cliffs of Dover.  We won’t be staying there long though as we will jump ship (with our van –BEKO) and cross the English Channel…

You can access the ‘loosely’ planned trip on my maps in google:


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